Story time: Cum am ajuns in spitalul din Berlin la 4 dimineata?!

RO: Mi-am amintit azi ca anul trecut, la inceputul lui octombrie, cam in aceeasi perioada ca si acum, eram in Berlin, iar vremea era la fel. Frig. Ploaie. Nori. Vant. Facusem un tur mai mare al Europei, iar Germania era ultima destinatie inainte sa ne intoarcem acasa. Eram atat de entuziasmata! Nu stiam insa ca, pana la urma, cele 5 zile petrecute in Berlin vor fi un dezastru total.

EN: Today I remembered that last year, at the beginning of October, around the same period, I was in Berlin and the weather was the same. Cold. Rainy. Cloudy. Windy. We had done a bigger European tour and Germany was the last destination before going back home. I was so excited! However, I didn't know the five days spent in Berlin would be a total disaster.

RO: Chiar din prima seara, imediat dupa ce am ajuns acolo, am avut parte de o aventura, pe care am povestit-o intr-o postare anterioara: (click aici), ca, parca, sa ne "obisnuim" inca de la inceput cu cele ce urmau sa se intample.

Camera in care stateam eu si Alex era intr-un camin de studenti, cu un pat de o singura persoana si o saltea gonflabila sparta, pe care, teoretic, trebuia sa doarma unul dintre noi, gandaci care se plimbau linistiti printre bagajele noastre si o baie asemanatoare cu una dintr-o inchisoare. Am incercat sa fac putina curatenie, dar, aparent, nu am reusit prea mult. Era penultima seara, mai trebuia a dormim 2 nopti in Berlin, iar apoi, la 6 dimineata, sa plecam spre Romania. Era aproape ora 7 seara iar eu si Alex ne plimbam cu e-scuterul COUP (totul despre COUP intr-o alta postare de-a mea: click aici - chiar merita sa incercati COUP in BERLIN) in apropierea portii Brandenburg, cand deodata am inceput sa ma simt foarte rau. Am oprit si am asteptat sa imi revin. Mi-am spus ca probabil nu este nimic grav si va trece definitiv odata ce voi ajunge in camera de camin, la caldura.

EN: Even on the first night, right after we got there, we had an adventure, which I've recounted in a previous post, (click here) as if to "prepare" us for what was to come.

The room Alex and I shared was in a student accommodation/dorm, with a single bed and a deflated mattress, which, in theory, one of us was supposed to sleep on, roaches running freely through our luggage and a bathroom similar to what you would find in a prison. I tried to do a bit of cleaning, but, apparently, I wasn't very successful. It was our penultimate night, we had to sleep two more nights in Berlin and then, at 6 a.m., head towards Romania. It was almost 7 p.m. and I was riding with Alex on the COUP e-scooter (all about COUP in another one of my posts: click here - it's really worth trying the COUP in Berlin) close to the Brandenburg gate, when I suddenly started feeling very sick. We stopped and waited until I got better. I told myself it's probably not serious and it will go away for good once I get to the warm dorm room.

RO: Am luat cina la un restaurant turcesc, si ne-am intors in camera. Am simtit din nou aceeasi senzatie de rau, iar de aceasta data disconfortul a fost si mai mare, dar suportabil. Oricum ma gandeam ca urmatoarea zi era ultima noastra zi in Berlin asa ca nu avea rost sa ma alarmez si sa merg la spital pentru atata lucru. Am ignorat aceasta problema, m-am schimbat in pijama si apoi ne-am culcat.

Pe la ora 2 si jumatate m-am trezit brusc! De aceasta data nu am mai simtit doar un disconfort, ci o durere puternica in partea inferioara a corpului. L-am scuturat cu putere pe Alex, care, bulversat, de abia trezit din somn, nici nu prea stia ce sa faca. In cele din urma a sunat la numarul de telefon din contractul pentru asigurarea medicala. A raspuns un domn si a zis ca avem doua optiuni: fie sa asteptam pana a doua zi cand urma sa mergem la una dintre clinicile pe care ni le indicase, fie sa sunam la ambulanta in cazul in care consideram ca e foarte grav. Speriata cum eram, nici nu am considerat sa astept pana a doua zi. Alex a sunat la 112 si... acum vine partea amuzanta. Cei de la Serviciul de Urgente nu stiau engleza! Inca nu pot sa imi imaginez cum era posibil asa ceva... Eram in Berlin, nu intr-un loc izolat de pe planeta! Alex a incercat sa explice situatia, ajutandu-se de GOOGLE TRANSLATE, dar nu prea a avut succes, iar dupa 5 minute cei de la Serviciul de Urgente i-au inchis telefonul in nas... Nu vreau sa imi imaginez ce s-ar fi intamplat daca as fi avut cu adevarat o urgenta "de viata si de moarte".

EN: We had dinner at a Turkish restaurant and we got back to our room. I had the same feeling of sickness again, and this time the discomfort was even bigger, but tolerable. I thought the next day would be our last day in Berlin so there was no point in panicking and going to the hospital for nothing. I ignored this problem, changed into my pyjamas, and fell asleep.

Around 2:30 a.m. I suddenly woke up! This time I not only felt discomfort, but a sharp pain in the lower part of my body. I vigorously shook Alex who, barely awaken from his sleep, didn't really know what to do. In the end, he called the number from my medical insurance contract. A gentleman answered and told us we had two options: either wait until next day and go to one of the clinics he indicated us or call the ambulance if we think it's very serious. Scared as I was, I didn't even think about waiting until next day. Alex called 112 and... here comes the funny part. The people working at the Emergency Service didn't speak English! Alex tried to explain the situation with the help of GOOGLE TRANSLATE, but he wasn't very successful, and after 5 minutes they hung up on him... I can't imagine what would have happened if it really had been a "life or death" situation.

RO: Eu inca tremuram intr-un colt si cred ca am avut un atac de panica pentru un moment cand am realizat ca sunt intr-o tara straina, este ora 2:30 dimineata, cei de la Serviciul de Urgente nu vor sa ma ajute, iar durerea era din ce in ce mai mare. Simteam ca nu mai pot sa respir, ca nu mai este deloc aer in camera. Incercam sa imi controlez tremuratul, dar pierdusem de mult control asupra corpului meu. Alex era si el speriat, nu neaparat de ceea ce ii povestisem ca simt, ci mai degraba de atacul meu de panica. I-am cerut sa mearga la farmacie si sa cumpere niste medicamente, dar nici nu a vrut sa auda de asa ceva. Pe langa faptul ca existau sanse foarte mari sa nu ii dea medicamentul fara reteta, nici nu voia sa ma lase singura in camin in starea in care eram. Dupa 10 minute de dezbateri a plecat, dar cea mai apropiata farmacie deschisa la ora aia, era la vreo 20 minute de mers cu taxi-ul... A trecut timpul.. deja era aproape ora 4 si Alex nu mai venea. L-am sunat, dar imi intra casuta vocala! L-am sunat pe messenger-ul de pe Facebook, pe Hangouts si iar pe numarul de telefon, dar nimic. Niciun raspuns. Uitasem de tot de durerea mea, acum aveam un dublu atac de panica si nu puteam decat sa ma gandesc la ce putea sa i se fi intamplat lui Alex! Mai ales ca era o noapte ploioasa.Am trecut prin toate scenariile posibile, de la gandul ca un taximetrist nebun l-a furat, l-a taiat in bucati si apoi l-a aruncat intr-un sant, pana la gandul ca a facut accident pentru ca taxiul a derapat pe drumul ud si alunecos. Cred ca l-am sunat de 30 de ori pe putin si i-am lasat vreo 50 de mesaje pe toate retelele de socializare posibile! "PE UNDE NAIBA ESTI?!", "NU POT SA TE SUN!", "RASPUNDE ODATA LA TELEFON!!!" !!!!

EN: I was still shaking in a corner and I think I had a panic attack for a moment when I realized I was in a foreign country, it was 2:30 in the morning, the people from the Emergency Service didn't want to help me, and my pain was getting increasingly unbearable. I felt out of breath, like there was no more air in the room. I was trying to control my shaking but it had been long since I lost control over my body. Alex was scared as well, not so much because of how I told him I was feeling, but because of my panic attack. I asked him to go to the pharmacy and buy some medicine, but he didn't even want to hear about it. Apart from the possibility of not being able to buy medication without a prescription, he didn't want to leave me alone in the room considering the state I was in. He left after 10 minutes of arguing, but the closest pharmacy open at that time was at a 20-minute taxi ride away... Time flew by... it was already 4 a.m. and Alex wasn't coming. I called him but it went straight to voicemail! I called him on Facebook messenger, on Hangouts and on his phone again, but there was nothing. No answer. I had completely forgotten about my pain, now I was having a double panic attack and I could only think about what could have happened to Alex! Especially since it was a rainy night! I went through every possible scenario, from the thought of a crazy taxi driver kidnapping him, chopping him into pieces and throwing him in a ditch, to the possibility that he had an accident because the taxi skidded on the wet, slippery road. I must have called him at least 30 times and left him around 50 messages on all possible social networks! "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!" "I CAN'T CALL YOU!" "PICK UP THE PHONE ALREADY!!!"!!!!

RO: Zece minute mai tarziu aud pe hol un om care alearga gafaind. Am simtit ca e Alex (cine altcineva putea fi la ora 4 dimineata pe hol? ... facand jogging... ), asa ca am fugit din pat si am deschis usa. Era el! Cand i-am auzit explicatia, imi venea greu sa cred ca nu inventeaza. Stiti acele momente cand se intampla ceva in cel mai nepotrivit moment, dintr-o multime de momente posibile in care se putea intampla?! Ei bine, asta a patit si el! Mi-a povestit ca imediat dupa ce a plecat din camin a sunat la o companie de taxiuri pe care o gasise pe internet si a facut o comanda. Cateva minute mai tarziu s-a urcat in masina si in 20 de minute era la farmacie. A scos telefonul din buzunar pentru a-i spune farmacistului ce doreste sa cumpere, si, surpiza, nu mai functiona. Era incarcat cand plecase din camera noastra. Cu siguranta nu asta era problema. A incercat sa scoata si sa introduca din nou bateria, dar nimic. Telefonul era mort. Alex nu retinuse ce trebuia sa cumpere, dar oricum farmacistul a spus ca nu ii poate da niciun medicament fara sa stie exact motivul. A iesit din farmacie si s-a trezit pe o strada pustie, noaptea, fara niciun taxi. Fara telefon inseamna implicit si fara internet, deci fara google maps, sau numere de la companii de taxiuri! S-a intors si l-a rugat pe farmacist sa ii faca o comanda de taxi, asa ca, dupa o ora, in care eu, in imaginatia mea, deja il vedeam in cele mai "negre" ipostaze, a ajuns si el la camin. Cand l-am vazut i-am sarit in brate si am inceput sa plang, pe deoparte pentru ca se intorsese in viata, si pe de alta parte din cauza stresului care se acumulase. Inca nu imi vine sa cred ca doi ani de zile telefonul ala functionase perfect si, fix in acea noapte, s-a oprit. Si nu a mai pornit pana in Romania. Pentru ca inca nu imi rezolvasem problema care se agrava cu fiecare minut care trecea, salvarea nu venea, iar medicamentele nu le-am putut obtine, am decis sa mergem la spital. Am luat un taxi (cred ca in seara aia am cheltuit vreo 50 de euro numai pe taxiuri... ) si in 10-15 minute am fost in fata spitalului. In Unitatea de Primire Urgente nu era decat un singur pacient, restul scaunelor fiind libere. Am fost uimita, stiind ca la noi, in Romania, sau cel putin in Iasi, la UPU sala de asteptare este mai mereu plina. Am apasat pe butonul unei sonerii care ar fi instiintat personalul medical de prezenta mea, iar imediat niste usi mari s-au deschis in fata mea, iar o asistenta si un medic rezident (cred) m-au chemat inauntru, in spatele acelor usi, lasandu-l pe Alex in urma. Mi-au luat datele personale si apoi le-am povestit ce simteam. Mi-au luat analizele si m-au trimis din nou in sala de asteptare. Era in jur de ora 4:30. Am asteptat cinci ore intr-un hol rece, cand, in final, la ora 10, m-au chemat inapoi sa imi confirme ca am cistita si mi-au prescirs un antibiotic. Am iesit din spital si am gasit un Coup chiar in fata cladirii. L-am activat si am plecat spre gara unde stiam sigur ca vom gasi o farmacie, dar si McDonald's, pentru ca din nu stiu ce motiv aveam o pofta nebuna de micul dejun de acolo.

EN: Ten minutes later I heard a man running in the hallway and panting. I knew it was Alex (who else could it be at 4 a.m. in the hallway? ... jogging...), so I ran and opened the door. It was him! When I heard his explanation I found it hard to believe he wasn't making it up. Do you know these situations when, out of all the moments when something can happen, that something happens at the worst one? Well, this was the case! He told me that right after he left the dorm he ordered a taxi from a company he had found on the internet. A few minutes later he got in the car and he arrived at the pharmacy after 20 more minutes. He took his phone out of his pocket in order to tell the pharmacist what he wanted to buy and, surprise, it wasn't working anymore. The battery was charged when he left the room, so that was definitely not the problem. He tried to take out the battery and put it back in, but nothing happened. The phone was dead. Alex didn't remember what he had to buy, but anyway the pharmacist told him he couldn't give him any treatment without knowing the exact reason. He got out of the pharmacy and found himself on an empty street at night without any taxi. No phone meant no internet, so no Google maps or numbers of taxi companies! He went back in and asked the pharmacist to order him a taxi, so, after an hour - during which I imagined him in the "darkest" situations - he arrived at the accommodation. When I saw him I jumped in his arms and started crying, on the one hand because he was alive, on the other hand because of all the stress I had gathered. I still can't believe his phone had been working perfectly fine for two years and then it crashed exactly that night. And it didn't start working until we got to Romania. Since I hadn't solved my problem, which was getting worse with every passing minute, the ambulance wasn't coming and I couldn't get the medication I needed, we decided to go to the hospital. We took a taxi (I think we spent around 50 euros only on taxis that night...) and in 10-15 minutes we were in front of the hospital. At the Emergency Reception Department there was only one patient, the rest of the chairs being free. I was amazed, knowing that in Romania, or at least in Iasi, the room at the ERD is almost always full. I pushed the button of a bell, which informed the medical staff of my presence; right away some giant doors opened in front of me and a nurse and a resident (I think) called me inside, behind those doors, leaving Alex in the waiting room. They took my personal data and then I told them what I was feeling. They ran some tests and sent me back to the waiting room. It was around 4:30. I waited five hours in a cold hallway, when, finally, at 10 o'clock, they called me back in to confirm I had cystitis and prescribed me an antibiotic. We got out of the hospital and found a Coup right in front of the building. We activated it and went to the railway station where we knew we could find a pharmacy and also a McDonald's, because for some mysterious reason I was craving their breakfast.

RO: In jurul orei 12:00, cu stomacurile pline, ne-am intors inapoi in camera noastra cu gandaci si ne-am culcat, dormind aproape toata ziua. Ultima zi in Berlin... Dar la ora 17:00 aveam deja alarma de la ceas setata pentru ca TREBUIA sa ajungem intr-un cartier turcesc! Asta e deja o alta poveste...

EN: Around 12:00, we returned with full stomachs to our roach-infested room and slept almost all day. The last day in Berlin... But I already had the alarm clock set at 17:00 because we HAD to get to a Turkish neighbourhood! That's a whole other story...





I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list,


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