17 lucruri ciudate despre mine

September 10, 2017




RO: Ma gandeam azi ca blogul meu nu are atat de multe postari personale, asa ca ce poate fi mai personal decat sa va spun 17 lucruri ciudate despre mine?!


EN: Today I was thinking that my blog doesn't have a lot of personal posts, so what could be more personal than telling you 17 weird things about me?



RO: 1. Stranut foarte amuzant. Pe cuvant ca e amuzant. Parca as spune un "Qiuuuu" lung si inalt.


EN: 1. I sneeze in a very funny way. It truly is funny. It's like I'm saying a long high "Qiuuuu".


RO: 2. Beau cafeaua doar cu gheata. Iubesc cafeaua pentru ca ma face atat de euforica si de energica! Mereu dupa ce beau cafea am pofta sa scriu, sa invat ceva nou sau pur si simplu sa fac lucruri productive, dar una dintre ciudatenile mele este ca urasc sa beau cafeaua calda. Iarna cand toata lumea sta sub blanuri, pe mine o sa ma vezi in mana cu o cafea cu gheata! Si de data aceasta se mira chelnerii cand merg undeva si comand un espresso si un pahar cu gheata extra.


EN: 2. I only drink coffee with ice. I love coffee because it makes me so euphoric and energetic! After I drink coffee, I always feel like writing, learning something new or simply doing productive things, but one of the weird aspects about me is that I hate drinking hot coffee. In winter, when everyone is wearing fur coats, you'll see me with an ice coffee in my hand! Waiters are also surprised when I go somewhere and order an espresso and a glass of ice on the side.


(Lina, Tina, Ina, Fina... cei de la Starbuks ar scrie orice pe pahar, mai putin NINA)

(Lina, Tina, Ina, Fina... Starbucks employees would write anything on the cup, except for NINA)


RO: 3. Serialul preferat: A Handmaid's Tale. Ca tot vorbeam despre cum imi plac mie lucrurile diferite, cu siguranta A Handmaid's Tale este un serial foarte diferit fata de restul serialelor.. Nu cred ca pot sa il incadrez intr-o categorie pentru ca nu este nici cu vampiri, zombi sau creaturi fantastice, nici cu doctori sau avocati. Actiunea se petrece intr-un viitor nu foarte indepartat, intr-o America total diferita fata de cea de acum. In acest viitor se presupune ca majoritatea femeilor nu mai pot face copii, iar acele rare femei fertile devin "Handmaids" in casele familiilor bogate pentru a duce mai departe specia Pe scurt, aceste "Handmaids" sunt violate o data pe luna de barbatii bogati, de fata cu nevestele acestora, in timpul unui ritual, in speranta ca vor ramane insarcinate. Nu mai divulg secrete din serial, dar chiar m-a captivat inca de la primul episod si merita vazut. 


EN: 3. Favourite TV show: A Handmaid's Tale. Speaking of how I like different things, A Handmaid's Tale is definitely a very different TV show from the rest. I don't think I can put it into a category because it doesn't include vampires, zombies, fantastical creatures, doctors or lawyers. The story takes place in a not too distant future, in a completely different America from the one we have today. In this world of the future, most women can't bear children anymore, and the rare fertile women become "Handmaids" in rich families' houses in order to perpetuate the species. In short, these "Handmaids" are raped once a month by rich men, in front of their wives, during a ritual, in hopes that they will become pregnant. I won't disclose secrets from the show, but it really captivated me from the first episode and it's worth seeing.



RO: 4. Imi abandonez proiectele. Inca de mica am avut tot felul de idei creative. Am inceput sa scriu vreo 3 carti (imi amintesc cum in clasa a 8-a am avut o tentativa de a scrie o carte mai... deocheata. Cred ca am ajuns pe la pagina 50. Hahahaha!! ), am inceput cursuri de tobe sau de dans, am inceput un scurt metraj candva (chiar am filmat cateva scene), dar mereu imi abandonez ideile si dorintele. Probabil pentru ca ma plictisesc si foarte repede. Chiar si aici pe blog, cred ca am vreo 2-3 articole in draft. Am inceput sa le scriu, dar apoi mi-au venit din ce in ce mai multe idei noi, asa ca am abandonat ce am inceput initial pentru a porni altceva.... Sper sa nu abandonez si articolul asta pentru ca deja am ajuns la numarul 5!


EN: 4. I abandon my projects. Since I was little I've had all kinds of creative ideas. I began writing three books (I remember in the 8th grade I attempted to write a more... sexy book. I think I got to around page 50. Hahahaha!!), I began taking drums and dance classes, I once started a short film (I even filmed a few scenes), but I always abandon my ideas and wishes. Probably because I get bored very quickly. Even on this blog I have two-three articles in draft. I began writing them but then more and more new ideas started coming to me, so I abandoned what I initially began in order to start something else.... I hope I won't abandon this article as well, since I've already got to number 5!



RO: 5. Nu ma cert niciodata. Sunt o persoana foarte optimista si euforica (mai ales daca beau cafea inainte). Ma enervez foarte rar si cand se intampla sunt mai mult amuzanta pentru cei din jur decat fioroasa. 


EN: 5. I never argue. I'm a very optimistic and euphoric person (especially if I drink coffee beforehand). I get angry very rarely and when it happens I'm more funny than scary for the ones around me.



RO: 6. Nu beau lapte. Nici macar in cafea sau in ciocolata calda. Mereu cand comand ciocolata calda cu apa in loc de lapte, chelnerii se uita ciudat la mine. Cand eram mica, cred ca aveam un an sau mai putin... chiar nu stiu pentru ca nu imi amintesc (normal) evenimentul... am avut pentru doua saptamani o bona tanara care nu prea stia cum sa aiba grija de copii si, intr-o zi, ca sa ma opreasca din plans, s-a gandit ca ar fi o idee buna sa imi dea sa beau in continuu vreo doua -trei biberoane cu lapte. O ora mai tarziu a venit salvarea pentru ca nu ma puteam opri din vomat... De atunci nu am mai pus gura pe lapte! 


EN: 6. I don't drink milk. Not even in coffee or hot chocolate. Waiters always give me a strange look whenever I order hot chocolate with water instead of milk. When I was little, I think at the age of one or less... I really don't know because I don't remember the event... I had a young babysitter for two weeks who didn't really know how to take care of children, and, one day, in order to stop me from crying, she thought it would be a good idea to give me 2-3 bottles of milk to drink. An hour later the ambulance came because I couldn't stop throwing up... I haven't touched milk since!



RO: 7. Culoarea preferata: alb. Da stiu, albul este o nonculoare, dar presupun ca in cazul acesta nu am nicio culoare preferata, pentru ca imi plac toate in mod egal. Albul, insa, este ceva special pentru mine. Mi-ar placea sa am numai haine albe, mobila alba, pereti albi, par alb, totul alb! Dar poate uneori are farmec si putina culoare! 


EN: 7. Favourite colour: white. Yes, I know, white is a non-colour, but in this case I assume I don't have a favourite colour, because I like all of them equally. However, white is something special for me. I would love to have only white clothes, white furniture, white walls, white hair, everything white! But maybe sometimes a bit of colour has its charm!



RO: 8. Nu imi place sa am timp personal. Probabil pare ciudat, deoarece majoritatea oamenilor au nevoie, poate chiar de multe ori, sa stea singuri. Dar nu si eu. Cred ca una dintre fricile mele cele mai mari este singuratatea. Stau destul de rar singura acasa si evit asta pe cat de mult posibil. Imi place mereu sa fiu inconjurata de oameni cu care sa vorbesc, sau pur si simplu langa care sa stau. Chiar si acum i-am invadat intimitatea lui Alex care se uita la un serial cu niste cai care vorbesc ( ce serial mai e si asta?!). Am dat buzna peste el in camera, mi-am pus laptopul pe masa lui si l-am anuntat ca voi sta aici sa scriu articolul. Singura in camera nu as avea inspiratie. 


EN: 8. I don't like having time for myself. This probably sounds weird because most people need to be alone, some maybe very often. But not me. I think one of my biggest fears is loneliness. I'm rarely alone at home and I avoid that as much as possible. I always like to be surrounded by people I can talk to, or simply hang around with. I even invaded Alex's privacy - he was watching a TV show with talking horses (what kind of show is that?!). I barged in on him, put my laptop on his table and told him I would stay there to write the article. Alone in my room I wouldn't have inspiration.



RO: 9.  Nu mananc ciuperci. Ciupercle mi se par cele mai scarboase legume de pe pamant. Au o textura care efectiv ma sperie. Parca ar fi de pe alta planeta. Mai stiti cum ziceam la inceput de chelnerii care se uita ciudat la mine cand comand ciocolata calda fara lapte sau gheata langa cafea? Tot acei chelneri se uita ciudat la mine si cand am o pizza delicioasa in fata iar eu stau sa pigulesc toate ciupercile si le pun frumos in coltul farfuriei, cat mai departe de mine.


EN: 9. I don't eat mushrooms. I think mushrooms are the most disgusting vegetables on earth. Their texture effectively creeps me out. It's like they were from another planet. Remember how I was telling you about waiters looking weirdly at me when I order hot chocolate without milk and coffee with ice? They give me the same look when I have a delicious pizza in front of me and I pick out all the mushrooms and put them nicely in the corner of the plate, as far from me as possible.



RO: 10. Destinatia de vis: Polul Nord. Cea mai mare dorinta a mea acum este sa vad luminile nordului. Nu imi pasa daca trebuie sa merg in Suedia, Norvegia sau Islanda, dar am aceasta fantezie cum sunt intr-o cabana de lemn izolata, cu un tavan de sticla, peste tot in jur este zapada, este noapte, si pe cer se vede Aurora Boreala. Ce poate fi mai frumos de atat?


EN: 10. Dream destination: North Pole. My biggest wish right now is seeing the northern lights. I don't care if I have to go to Sweden, Norway or Iceland, but I have this fantasy where I'm in an isolated wood cabin at night, with a glass ceiling, surrounded by snow, and I can see the aurora borealis on the sky. What can be more beautiful than that?



RO: 11. Sunt obsedata de reduceri, promotii si lucruri ieftine. Cui nu ii place sa obtina ceva scump la un pret mai mic? Probabil nimanui, doar ca sunt putini care chiar sunt obsedati de asta, asa ca mine. Eu mi-am facut un hobby din a cauta chilipiruri. De la bilete de avion, la haine. Hainele... aici as putea sa vorbesc o saptamana. Pe scurt, in ceea ce priveste hainele chiar mi se pare o risipa de bani sa imi cumpar haine scumpe. Asa cum am mai spus, ma plictisesc foarte repede, si dupa cateva purtari deja vreau ceva nou. De aceea, majoritatea pieselor mele vetimentare au costat, mai mult sau mai putin, in jur de 50 de lei (10 - 15 euros). Chiar azi am lucrat la un articol despre cum sa ai un look ingrijit, elegant si care arata scump, cand ai un buget limitat. Urmeaza sa apara in curand. ;)


EN: 11. I am obsessed with discounts, promotions and cheap things. Who doesn't like to get something expensive at a lower price? Probably no one, but few people are as obsessed with this as I am. I've made a hobby out of looking for bargains, from plane tickets to clothes. Clothes... I could talk about this topic for a week. In short, when it comes to clothes I believe it's a waste of money to buy expensive clothes. Like I've said before, I get bored very quickly, and after wearing them a few times I already want something new. This is why most of my clothing items cost on average around 50 lei (10-15 euros). Today I've been working at an article about how to look expensive on a budget. It will be out soon. ;)


RO: 12. Nu sunt o persoana sportiva. Da, sunt o persoana energica. Imi place sa fac mereu ceva, sa vizitez, sa explorez, sa ma plimb, dar nu sa fac sport. Daca am auzit de alergat, sarit sau lucrat la aparate deja imi cade fata. In primii doi ani de facultate am avut ora obligatorie de sport. Am urat acele ore si chiar ajunsesem in anul doi sa numar saptamanile pana se termina. Sportul sigur nu este pentru mine.


EN: 12. I am not an athletic person. Yes, I'm an energetic person. I always like doing an activity, visiting, exploring, going for a walk, but not sports. If I hear about running, jumping or exercise machines I'm already in a bad mood. During the first two years of college there was a compulsory sports class. I dreaded those classes and in the second year I was even counting the weeks until it was over. Sports is clearly not for me.




RO: 13. Nu merg in cluburi. Mai corect spus nu merg la petreceri noaptea. Pe la ora 11-12 nici nu mai stiu cum ma cheama. Nu functionez deloc noaptea. Pentru mine este foarte important sa dorm, iar in vacante dorm si cate 12-13 ore. De la miezul noptii pana la miezul zilei. Colegele mele s-au suparat de atatea ori pe mine pentru ca le-am promis ca ies cu ele si apoi, cu 10 minute inainte sa ne vedem, am anulat. Fetelor, cand spun ca ies cu voi spun asta pentru ca eu chiar imi doresc sa ies, dar apoi, cand sa ma pregatesc sa plec de acasa adorm inainte sa ies pe usa. Daca voi iesiti mereu noaptea.... Ce sa fac?!


EN: 13. I don't go to clubs. More precisely, I don't go to parties at night. At 11-12 pm I can't even remember my name. I don't function at all at night. For me it's very important to sleep and during the holidays I even sleep 12 to 13 hours. From midnight to midday. My classmates have been mad at me so many times because I promised I would go out with them and then, 10 minutes before meeting, I canceled our plans. Girls, when I say I'll go out with you, I say it because I really want to go out, but then, while getting ready to leave home, I fall asleep before going out the door. If you always go out at night... What am I supposed to do?



RO: 14. Nu imi place sa fiu serioasa. Ma prostesc mereu cand sunt cu persoane langa care ma simt foarte comfortabil.


EN: 14. I don't like being serious. I always fool around when I am with people I feel comfortable around.



RO: 15. Planta mea preferata este cactusul. De foarte mult timp cactusii au fost obsesia mea. Imi amintes cum odata, in clasa a 7-a, am fost cu cele mai bune prietene de atunci la un targ si ne-am cumparat, fiecare dintre noi, cate un cactus. Cactusii prieteniei noatre cica. Eram un fel de fratie a fetelor cu cactusi. Din pacate, cactusii au murit in scurt timp pentru ca habar nu aveam cum sa avem grija de ei atunci, dar cred ca din acea zi a inceput si pasiunea mea pentru aceasta planta. Chiar recent am fost in Tenerife si mi-am cumparat doi cactusi reali de acolo pe care i-am carat cu mare grija pana in Romania. In aeroport, toata lumea avea mainile pline cu pungi de la duty free cu parfumuri, dulciuri sau bauturi alcoolice, iar eu eram cu cactusul frumos impachetat, ca un trofeu! 


EN: 15. My favourite plant is the cactus. Cactuses have been my obsession for a long time. I remember once, in 7th grade, I went with my best friends at the time to a market and each one of us bought a cactus. The cactuses of our friendship, as it were. We were like a sorority of girls with cactuses. Unfortunately, the cactuses died shortly after because at that time we didn't know how to take care of them, but I think my passion for this plant started that day. I've recently been to Tenerife and bought two real cactuses that I carefully brought to Romania. At the airport, everyone had their hands full of duty free bags with perfumes, sweets or alcoholic drinks, while I had this nicely wrapped cactus, like a trophy!




RO: 16. Am rau de telefon. Multi oameni au rau de inaltimi sau rau de mers cu masina, dar eu am rau de telefon. Nu stiu cat de comun este acest lucru, dar daca lucrez pe telefon mai mult de 10-15 minute mi se face foarte greata si ma doare capul. De aceea urasc sa scriu mesaje, sa citesc sau sa editez poze pe telefon. Cu ecranele mari, de laptop sau televizor, nu am nicio problema.


EN: 16. I have phone sickness. A lot of people suffer from height or motion sickness, but I have phone sickness. I don't know how common this is, but if I'm on my phone for more than 10-15 minutes I become nauseous and my head hurts. This is why I hate writing messages, reading or editing photos on my phone. Otherwise I have no problem with large screens, such as laptops or TVs.



RO: 17. Nu imi calc hainele. De cand m-am mutat singura se presupune ca ar trebui sa fiu mare gospodina, nu? Ma relaxeaza sa gatesc si poate chiar sa spal vase uneori, pentru ca asa uit de alte stresuri si pur si simplu ma deconectez. E o placere sa pun hainele la spalat si sa vad mereu ca e gol cosul cu rufe, iar mai apoi sa le impaturesc si sa fie ordine in dulap, dar efectiv URASC sa calc haine! Mi se pare cel mai mare chin! 


EN: 17. I do not iron my clothes. Since I've moved out on my own I should be a great housekeeper, right? Cooking and even doing the dishes relaxes me sometimes, because I can forget about daily stress and simply unwind. It's a pleasure doing the laundry and always seeing the laundry basket empty and then folding them and putting them in a drawer, but I really HATE ironing clothes! I find it the biggest ordeal!



RO: Acestea au fost cele 17 lucruri ciudate despre mine. Chiar mi-ar placea sa stiu daca mai exista oameni care se regasesc  printre aceste ciudatenii si astept sa imi scrieti in comentarii lucruri ciudate despre voi, iar daca v-a placut nu uitati sa dati like la postare pentru ca poate (cine stie?!) urmeaza si partea a doua! <3


EN: These are the 17 weird things about me. I would really like to know if there are other people with similar peculiarities and I am waiting for you to write weird things about you in the comments section. If you enjoyed the article don't forget to hit like because maybe (who knows?!) there will be a part two!



I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list!





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