Gingham Pattern and a Pink Scarf

RO: Gingham, sau imprimeul cadrilat, este un pattern foarte popular sezonul acesta, care ma duce cu gandul la anii 50 - 60 si la picnicurile din zilele de vara (iar eu cand ma gandesc la mancare sunt, cu siguranta, fericita), asa ca nu pot sa nu il iubesc la nebunie. Desi varianta clasica a imprimeului cadrilat consta in mixarea albului cu negru sau cu bleumarin, exista o multitudine de alte versiuni, ideea de baza fiind, insa, crearea unor carouri monocromatice.

EN: Gingham, or checkered print, is a very popular pattern this season, which makes me think of the 50s and 60s era and of summer picnics (and I am definitely happy when I think of food), so I can't not be madly in love with it. Although the classic version of the checkered print consists of mixing white with black or navy blue, there are a lot of other possible combinations; however, the basic idea is to create some monochrome plaids.

RO: Eu am ales sa combin printul Gingham cu o fusta din piele roz pal, un tricou simplu alb si o incaltaminte sport - Converse, adaugand un plus de culoare cu o esarfa fuchsia, purtata fie ca un accesoriu pentru par, fie la baza gatului. Am pastrat tinuta intr-o zona simpla si casual, asa ca am renuntat la orice geanta, limitandu-ma la o borseta foarte practica - ce imi trebuie mai mult decat cheile, telefonul si portofelul?

EN: I've chosen to combine the Gingham print with a light pink leather skirt, a simple white T-shirt and a pair of Converse sneakers, adding a splash of colour with a fuchsia scarf, which can be worn either as a hair accessory or at the base of the neck. I've kept the outfit in a simple, casual style, so I chose not to wear a bag, opting instead for a very practical hip pack - what more do I need besides my keys, phone and wallet?

Translated by Matthew B.

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list,


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