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RO: Olanda este una dintre tarile unde se tolereaza consumarea anumitor droguri, cele mai cunoscute si folosite fiind Cannabisul si trufele, un tip de ciuperci cu efecte psihedelice. Pentru comercializarea acestora exista doua tipuri de magazine: Coffe shop-urile si Smart shop-urile. Multa lume crede ca in Olanda cannabisul si alte droguri usoare sunt legale, cand de fapt nu este asa! Exista insa o lege de toleranta cu privire la consumul acestor substante. Astfel, nu este permisa detinerea a mai mult de 5 grame de cannabis, iar in cazul cultivarii nu ai voie sa depasesti 5 plante.

EN: The Netherlands is one of the countries where drug use is tolerated to a certain extent, with the most well-known and widely used drugs being cannabis and truffles - a type of mushrooms with psychedelic effects. These drugs are sold in two kinds of shops: coffee shops and smart shops. A lot of people think that cannabis and other light drugs are legal in the Netherlands, but in fact this is not true! However, there is a tolerance law regarding the use of these substances. As such, you are not allowed to own more than 5 grams of cannabis and in case you want to grow it, you are not allowed to exceed 5 plants.




Coffee shop-urile sunt niste cafenele unde te poti relaxa la o masa, fumand un joint, dar de unde se poate si cumpara cannabis pur (maxim 5 grame pentru un cumparator conform legii tolerantei) sau spliff-uri cu diferite mixuri de tutun si cannabis. In Leiden, un mic oras studentesc, nu mi-au sarit in ochi chiar atat de multe coffee shop-uri, in schimb in Amsterdam cred ca erau cel putin 2-3 pe o singura strada, in special in zona turistica. Imi amintesc ca prima data cand am ajuns in Amsterdam si m-am dat jos din autobuzul care ne lasase in gara Sloterdijk am simtit un miros puternic de ceva nou. Nu stiam atunci ce este, dar am aflat aflat pana la sfarsitul excursiei. Pe langa clasicele coffee shop-uri, in Olanda exista o intreaga industrie bazata pe marijuana, hasis sau canepa, de la magazine de seminte, pana la un muzeu dedicat acestor plante psihoactive: The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum.


Coffee shops are cafés where you can relax at a table and smoke a joint, but they are also places where you can buy pure cannabis (maximum 5 grams per buyer according to the tolerance law) or spliffs with various mixes of tobacco and cannabis. I didn't see that many coffee shops in Leiden, a small student city, whereas in Amsterdam I think there were at least 2 or 3 on each street, especially in the tourist area. I remember that the first time I came to Amsterdam and got off the bus that left us at the Sloterdijk railway station I felt a strong smell of something new. I didn't know what it was then, but I found out by the end of the trip. Aside from the classic coffee shops, there is a whole industry based on marijuana, hash or hemp in the Netherlands, from seed shops to an entire museum dedicated to these psychoactive plants: The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum.

- Unul dintre multele Coffee shop-uri din Amsterdam:

- One of the many coffee shops in Amsterdam

- Magazin cu seminte de plante psihoactive:

- Psychoactive plants seed store:

-Biletul de intrare la Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum:

- The entrance ticket to the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum:


Trufele sunt un alt tip de drog tolerat in Olanda. Desi multe ciuperci halucinogene sunt interzise chiar si in aceasta tara, trufele au reusit sa se strecoare printre drogurile usoare si se vand in niste magazine speciale, Smart shop-uri, specializate pe substante psihedelice. Anumite tipuri de trufe produc stari meditative, contemplative, celui ce le consuma, in timp ce alte specii induc euforie si agitatie. Pe langa aceste ciuperci, smart shop-urile vand si accesoriile necesare pentru consumarea anumitor substante, precum bong-uri sau pipe pentru cannabis, dar si alte droguri sintetice. Intr-o zi am intrat intr-un Smart shop din Amsterdam si, in timp ce dezbateam noi efectele trufelor, vanzatoarea ne-a spus: "Hei! Si eu sunt romanca!" O ora mai tarziu eram in alt magazin, iar vanzatorul, dupa ce ne-a auzit vorbind, ne-a spus ca sotia lui e din Constanta. A doua zi am intalnit o galateanca... si asa am aflat ca romanilor chiar le place in Olanda!


Truffles are another type of drug tolerated in the Netherlands. Although a lot of hallucinogen mushrooms are forbidden even in this country, truffles have managed to squeeze into the light drugs category and they are sold in particular shops - smart shops - specialized in psychedelic substances. From what I have seen, on the outside truffles look like hazelnuts crushed into small pieces and all of them have the same appearance, even though there are different types, which produce different effects. Certain types of truffles plunge the consumer into a meditative state, while others induce euphoria and agitation. Apart from these mushrooms, smart shops also sell the accessories you need to consume some of the substances, such as bongs for cannabis and pipes, along with other synthetic drugs. One day we entered a smart shop in Amsterdam and, while we were debating the effects of truffles, the shop assistant said: "Hey! I'm from Romania as well!" An hour later we were at another shop when a man, after hearing us speak, told us that his wife is from Constanta. The next day we met a woman from Galati... and this is how we found out that Romanians really like the Netherlands!


I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list,


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