Sex and the City... of Amsterdam - Partea I

RO: Amsterdam este vestit pentru celebrul cartier al sexului, The Red Light District! Sex shop-uri, spectacole porno, magazine cu prezervative, prostituate! Desi auzisem de multe ori despre aceasta parte a orasului, nu am putut sa-mi imaginez cu adevarat cum arata pana cand nu am vazut cu ochii mei. Cand am intrat in cartier, primul lucru pe care l-am vazut au fost multe femei, de toate varstele, inaltimile, greutatile si culorile care se expuneau aproape goale in spatele vitrinelor de sticla, de pe strazile rosii de-a lungul canalelor, pentru ca turistii dornici sa experimenteze sau clientii localnici sa le vada si sa isi aleaga "partenera" potrivita pentru ei. In cartier exista mai multe strazi cu specific: strada cu femei plinute, strada cu femei la varsta a doua si, evident, strada principala, cu femei tinere si atragatoare, dupa standardele majoritatii.

EN: Amsterdam is famous for its sex-oriented neighbourhood, The Red Light District! Sex shops, porn shows, condom shops, prostitutes! Although I had heard about this part of town many times before, I couldn't really picture it in my mind until I saw it with my own eyes. When I first entered the neighbourhood I was impressed by women of every age, height, weight and colour, who were exposing themselves almost naked behind glass windows on the red streets along canals; they were there for tourists willing to experiment or for local clients to examine them and choose the perfect "partner". There are quite a few themed streets in the area: the street with plump women, the street with middle-aged women and, obviously, the main street, with young attractive women according to most people's standards.

RO: Odata am facut un experiment cu Alex si l-am lasat sa mearga in fata mea, singur, sa vad cat succes are la "femeile din vitrina" si chiar au fost destul de multe care ii faceau semne obscene invitandu-l in cabinele lor rosii. Normal ca dupa 2 minute am venit repede langa el si l-am luat strans ca nu cumva sa fuga. Teoretic oricine poate sa devina o prostituata in Red Light District atata timp cat inchiriaza un apartament acolo, pretul chiriei fiind, in medie, de 80 euro/zi. Astfel, fetele respective devin propriile lor patroane si isi pot alege singure clientii sau serviciile pe care le pun la dispozitie acestora.

EN: I once did an experiment with Alex and I let him walk alone in front of me to see how successful he would be in catching the attention of the women behind the windows, and there were quite a lot of them making obscene gestures and inviting him in their red booth. Obviously, after 2 minutes I caught up with him and held him tight so that he wouldn't run. In theory, anyone can become a prostitute in the Red Light District as long as she rents an apartment there, with the rent costing on average of 80 euros/day. Thus, these girls become their own employer and they can choose their clients and the services they want to offer.

O: Pe langa vitrinele cu femei care practica cea mai veche meserie din lume (cateva vitrine inconjurau chiar o biserica...), in acest cartier sunt si numeroase teatre erotice sau show-uri porno live. Piesele de teatru au chiar un scenariu pe care se bazeaza intregul spectacol, povestile cu umor fiind cele mai populare, iar pe parcusul show-ului cuplurile de "actori" se dezbraca, danseaza la bara, interactioneaza cu publicul si au relatii sexuale in direct, pe scena. Show-urile porno sunt mai scurte si nu prezinta nicio poveste. Aici femei, barbati sau cupluri fac diferite tipuri de sex, fara sa vorbeasca sau sa interactioneze in vreun fel cu publicul. E ca un fel de colaj de secvente din film porno, doar ca totul e live.

EN: Apart from glass windows with women practising the oldest job in the world (with a few windows even surrounding a church...), this district also hosts a lot of erotic theatres and live porn shows. Stage plays even have a script on which the whole show is based, with the humorous stories being the most popular; during the show, the "actors" take their clothes off, engage in pole dancing, interact with the audience, and have sexual intercourse live on stage. Porn shows are shorter and do not have a story: women, men or couples have different types of sex, without talking or interacting with the audience. It's like a montage of scenes from porn movies, except everything is live.

RO: Cateva stradute inguste, desprinse din centrul Cartierului Rosu, duceau catre Condomerie! Primul magazin din lume specializat pe prezervative! Aici se gaseau prezervative de toate marimile, aromele sau culorile. Erau prezervative fosforescente, cu tepi, care prelungeau erectia, cu aroma de cannabis si cate si mai cate!

EN: A few narrow streets coming from the centre of the Red District lead to the Condomerie! The first all-condom shop in the world! There you could find condoms of all sizes, flavours and colours: fluorescent condoms, condoms with spikes, condoms which prolong the erection, cannabis flavoured condoms and many more!

RO: In cartierul "fierbinte" am vazut si 3 muzee dedicate sexului: Muzeul erotismului, Muzeul prostitutiei siiii... inevitabil, insusi Muzeul SEXULUI! Ce mi-a placut la fiecare muzeu in parte? Ce am vazut acolo? Prin ce difera unul de celalalt? Totul in partea a doua a articolului! Soon on my blog!

EN: In the "hot" neighbourhood we also saw 3 museums dedicated to sex: the Museum of eroticism, the Museum of prostitution aaand... the one and only SEX Museum! What did I enjoy the most during each visit? What did I see there? What are the main differences between them? All still to come in the second part of my article! Soon on my blog!


I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list!


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